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  I Am Alaska

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PostSubject: I Am Alaska   Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:58 am

Lyrics to Ghost :
Screw your head on tight, open eyes to realize sight, Im unaware the machine that binds me
This empty shell now full of life holding my thoughts and dreams
Memories of past plight hold a key
With wonder i wake up to this case
These endless seams, a stranger in my own skin
Its not this night alone, thats got me in a slow depression
Its not the quiet that settles my thoughts, when i lie awake

Trust when i say Im a heap of confusion and endless causeway is it my thoughts following me or am i just hoping someone’s there I don’t care all around me is this curiosity faceless stares and people in route I must do my bidding it is my curse to follow the voice of the man in the suit

This body is heavy and so is my heart
Its time to eject and make a fresh start

I cant feel the rain
A slow dance played over in my mind
A syncing of my mind and machine but this body is foreign and i miss my face
This cold is with me like an inuit I’ve become and im losing sight of me myself and I join the ranks join this cause theres nothing left and what I am defies all laws
And what I am, defies all laws

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I Am Alaska
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